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Thales Scratch competition, October 2015

During their Y7 IT lessons last year, students were introduced to a programming language called Scratch. As part of our industrial links through STEM, Thales (www.thalesgroup.com/en) invited our students to design and build a game or similar programme to demonstrate their Scratch skills.

“We are pleased to announce that the winning game of the Thales Scratch Competition for Ifield Community College was ‘Marble Racer’ by Braydon Thornback and Daniel Chegwidden"

Braydon and Daniel (winners)

Southgate Primary visit to ICC, September 2015

As part of our KS2 STEM programme, over 20 students from Southgate Primary attended 2 x 1 hour sessions introducing them to CAD (Computer Aided Design) and 3D printing.  These sessions were led by 5 of our A-Level Product Design students.


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IMG_2139 Y10 Antweight robots, December 2015

Led by John and Noelle, students at University of Brighton and STEM ambassadors of STEMSussex, Y10 GCSE Product Design students designed and built robots to compete in a simple race and then a robot wars to the death!

Check out the movieclips at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1-ka8hjK5w (part 1) and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKL8KMOmKgY (part 2)

“Star gazing” at University of Sussex, January 2016 Stargazing BBC photo 2015 Y10 Antweight robots (small)

On Wednesday 27th January, over 100 Year 9 and 10 girls participated in a STEM Girls event at ICC that was hosted by EDT and the RAF.

The students were split into twenty teams and took part in three RAF themed hands-on STEM based activities known as Disaster Recovery, Helipad and Ring Wing. The students needed to demonstrate determination, creativity and excellent team working skills towards each activity.                                  <<< Click on picture for full write up

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EDT / RAF Girls in STEM Day, 27th January 2016 ICC Girls in STEM Day Jan 2016

Using presentation skills learned in D&T, Year 8's were set a homework to design a poster promoting 'sustainability forestry' through fsc.

Prizes were provided by Julien Price (www.fsc-uk.org/en-uk) and included pencils, wrist bands, bookmarks promoting fsc, a 'bug box' and canvases made of sustainable paper.


1st place - Sophie Lambert

Joint 2nd place - Maisy Torrington & Balazs Witt


click on poster (right) for all winners and their entries >>>

year 8 fsc posters_003 fsc logo D&T Y8 fsc competition, 2015-16

“Each year the Sussex Branch of the IET holds an electric egg race for teams of Years 11-13 students.

The teams of three students have to design and build a vehicle or device to perform a specified task.  The task will always involve the transportation of an egg (hard-boiled) using supplied materials, e.g. motor and battery, balsa wood, string, glue and also other materials relevant to the specific task.”

And this year? In 2 teams of 3, Ryan and Lewis Brown, Sharan and Tharshan Raman, Mathushan Navaneethapalan and Frankie Robson set about designing and building a catapult with an electronic firing mechanism.

IET Great Egg Race Jan 2016
IET Great Egg Race Jan 2016 YouTube movie link logo Great Egg Race March 2016