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D&T: Product Design


TE GCSE Product Design

GCSE Product Design


Exam dates


A551 & A553 coursework FINAL HAND-INS –

Wednesday 3rd May, 5pm


• A552 Innovation Challenge (6hrs + ½ hr) –

P1-4 Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th

1/2 hour reflection Wednesday 10th (am)


A554 written exam* (1 ½ hrs) –

Monday 26th June, am


* Era or Movement: 1920s to present

Trend Setter: Folding tubular steel products

Iconic Product: Maclaren B-01 buggy www.worldofmaclaren.com/b01

AS / A2 Product Design


Exam dates


F521/01 Advanced Innovation Challenge (6hr) -

Tuesday 2nd May


F521/02 Advanced Innovation

(1hr / reflection paper ) -

Mon 22nd May (am)


F524 Product Design

(2½ hr written / design exam) -

Friday 9th June (am)

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