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Sharon Howe – Processing Group Manager, Subsurface Imaging, CGG.


Sharon has been to our school twice now to give presentations to our students as a STEM ambassador, firstly at our STEM family challenge on November and then again for out "Women in Engineering Day" . Sharon is part of the team of STEM ambassadors at CGG, who recently won a national STEMNet Award for their dedication to STEM (see "INDUSTRIAL LINKS"). She very kindly outlined how she got into a STEM-related career . . . 


   - GCSE’s – Maths, English Lang & Lit, Double Science, Geography, French, Technology, Graphical Communication, Business Studies

   - A Levels – Maths, Physics, French, General Studies

   - Degree – B Eng. (Hons) Engineering Geology and Geotechnics


"I’ve worked with seismic data since I left university. Seismic data allows you to “see” the structures that are underneath the ground. I started working with Borehole data, which is collected in wells that are drilled for oil and gas exploration, to build up a picture very local to the well itself. Now I am working in surface seismic data and we have surveys that cover many 1000’s of square kilometres – one of the surveys’s being recorded currently is 35,000sqkm – which is almost twice the size of Wales! We send an acoustic wave into the earth and record the reflections that come back. From these reflections we can build up a 3D image that can be up to about 12 km deep.


My role is incredibly varied, I look after a group of around 25 people who work in 3 teams, at the moment we’ve got 8 different projects going on from around the world (Australia, Gabon & the North Sea).  Day to day I can be involved in all sorts of technical support and advice, talking to clients (like BP, Maersk, Centrica & BG but also lots of smaller clients), putting together bids and tender documents for new work as well as interviewing for potential new graduates.  I enjoy working with cutting edge technology that provides new solutions for our clients’ seismic data and allows us to see more clearly the image of the earth.


I’m also one of the CGG team of STEM ambassadors (see "INDUSTRIAL LINKS") and we’ll be at the Big Bang South-East this year – come along, say hello, and explore the subsurface in our imaging centre."





Sharon Howe marine acq image 3d seismic block